The Band


Jesse Garron fills a void for those who have never seen an Elvis concert. Some that have even claim Jesse is better. He appreciates the compliment and is humbled by the loyalty of his fans. Jesse performs his show for them and to pay tribute to the American icon.

Jesse uses the name of Elvis’ twin brother who died at birth. He comes from a family of singers and musicians and has an impressive vocal range. Inspired by Elvis at the age of four, Jesse got his first break to sing publicly in a high school talent show. Club owners later discovered him and encouraged him to sing in larger venues.

Since his first tribute performance in 1997, Jesse has grown to serve venues across the country with an invitation to perform for the United States Embassy in Algiers.  Once a solo performer singing to pre-recorded tracks, Jesse Garron's Tribute to Elvis has evolved into a professional show band, dressed in authentic costumes, and providing a genuine portrayal of Elvis in his Vegas years.  The show  has prompted billboards, live on-air radio interviews, television promotions and feature articles in print media nationwide.


Julie - Vocals

Julie is a backup singer and manager for Jesse Garron's Tribute to Elvis and has been with the group since its inception. 

She credits her parents for her love of music.  Her mother was a music teacher who taught her to play piano and encouraged her to learn and play violin in the school orchestra. Her father was a former member of a 4-piece vocal group, The Four Chaps.  She fostered her ear for harmonies by performing in school choruses, folk groups, and the Wilmington Music School's annual opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors".  Her musical influences have been Billy Joel, James Taylor, the Zach Brown Band, and just about every country diva, especially Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Martina McBride. 

When not singing with the Elvis group, Julie performs with The Acoustic Jam, an acoustic cover band that features 3-part harmonies and rotating lead vocals.  

Julie is also a singer-songwriter.  Influenced by her young children, she wrote her first song in 2003.  Her originals have been considered highly marketable and have earned awards in various contests and forwards to music libraries for TV/film placement consideration.

Abby- Vocals

Abby has been a backup singer for the band since 2010 but has been a fan of the show since childhood.  Her parents are both in the show, and she often jokes that listening to them practice was like her lullaby growing up. 

Abby began singing full songs at the age of 3.  She has a knack for memorizing lyrics after hearing songs only a few times.

She is comfortable singing in front of an audience having performed solo in her high school talent show and in various surrounding venues.  She also has a knack for harmonies.

Ed - Drums

Also known as "Bam Bam," Ed has been with Jesse Garron since live musicians were added to the act in 2004.  Ed provides the drum beat and,often entertaining, Ronnie Tutt influence to the show.

In addition to the Jesse Garron Band, Ed has played with Nothing But Splinters, Chasing Thea and several other local groups.

Ric - Bass

Ric's first musical memories are being rocked to sleep in his mother’s arms while listening to Elvis Presley.  The first instrument he played was a mini drum set from the J.C. Penny’s catalog launching his fascination with “rhythm”.  He began playing trumpet in the 3rd grade and continued through high school.

He started playing bass totally by accident in 1983 and it’s been his instrument of choice since then.  He has played with notable bands such as Underfire, Shake Dog Shake, Mudsplash, Vertigo, Nothin’ But Splinters.

His musical Influences are Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Tool, Queen, Oingo Boingo, Elvis Presley, and last but not least, Joey Capaldi.

Ric joined the Jesse Garron Band in 2006.  He is thankful for the opportunity to play in front of thousands and thousands of people and travel as far north as Vermont, as far south as Virginia and west all the way out to Arizona (his 3rd gig!!!)   "I’ve always said that when I joined Jesse all those years ago, it completed my musical “circle”. There have been many, MANY great memories and I really look forward to making many more."


Joey- Keys

Joey was raised in a musical home.  His mother and father were both musicians.  Joey started playing the piano at the age of 6. Then later at the age of 10 took interest in the saxophone. Joe and his brother, Scott, a drummer, played music together constantly influenced by artists like John Klemmer, Dave Grusin, Chic Coria, Boz Scaggs, Billy Joel, Elton John, Hall and Oats, Toto, and many others dreaming about their chance to play on stage someday.

At 14, Joey was exposed to keyboards and synthesizers. At that time the focus was on live performance. Joey has worked with some of the area greats such as John Kilhnic, Charles Lee, Frank German, and Dominic Masterangleo. In the mid 80’s Joey was introduced to Martin Coe Miller; an avid keyboard player and one of the areas most active working musicians.  He went on to work for his first band, “Conspiracy” and later formed the band  “Shake Dog Shake” where he met bass player Ric Cavanaugh.  "This guy is a walking music library and absolutely the best bassist around."  Ric recruited him for the Jesse Garron band and introduced him to the world of Elvis including the music style, capacity crowds, and travel opportunities that comes with it.  He's been with the group since 2009.


Steve - Lead Guitar
Steve was trained by local guitar legend Frank Baldo Sr. in,blues, rock, jazz, classical, and more.  He was influenced early on by blues, rock, and metal guitar players such as Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page,  Tony Iommi, Angus Young, Frank Zappa, and Jeff Beck.  His playing progressed to include R&B,Motown, 70's Disco, country/southern rock, metal, new wave, classical, 50's, 60's, 70's, soft rock, etc.

Steve joined his first band at 15 and landed his first real band gig came at 17 with "Sudden Impact"  the "Host " band for local rock/metal club "Union Station" in the mid-late 80's. They opened for several national acts, most notably Firehouse.  Over the past 15 years, he played for numerous local bar bands including MudSplash and has been a "fill in" or "session "player with various bands.  He joined Jesse Garron in 2015.